MobiDev Sales Management Internship

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Who is a Sales Manager? Ask people, and you'll be amazed at the diversity of answers. Most of them will probably say, "It's someone who pushes something useless."

If you specify "IT Sales Manager", you'll get a mix of answers about money, discounts, bargains, bragging... somehow related to technology.

It’s an old stereotype, which has nothing to do with reality. We want to unveil the true meaning of selling and its value. So we invite students, young specialists from different spheres, and every other willing person with Upper-Intermediate or higher English level to study the real art of IT sales in our internship program.

Our internship is just for you, if you:

  • want to start a career in IT sales;
  • understand the difference between "working 9 to 5" and working to achieve results;
  • are interested in technologies and value good service;
  • "responsible" is more than just a word at the end of your CV;
  • believe that there are no unsolvable issues;
  • cannot imagine life without communication, which is as vital as air to you;
  • understand that hard work and talent are the recipe for success.

Our lecturers:

Active Sales Managers and Engineers at MobiDev, which have deep professional expertise in the subject matter. Now they are willing to share their experience and real-life cases.

How to join the Internship:

  • fill out the application form using the following link;
  • accomplish a test task that will be sent to you;
  • pass the interview successfully.

Internship program details:

  • the training is offered free of charge;
  • you will be rewarded with scholarship;
  • course duration: 4 weeks (start date: May 3);
  • be ready to study at our office: 5 days a week, 6 hours a day;
  • if you achieve tangible results during the course and pass the final exam, you are guaranteed a position in the MobiDev team.

With this program, you will be able to:

  • learn more about sales channels and types of clients on B2B markets of the USA and Europe;
  • explore the diversity of technologies and IT project management processes;
  • get acquainted with the main techniques of sales and negotiations;
  • master the basic principles and techniques of business analysis and requirements analysis;
  • learn the principles of service vision;
  • practice work with clients at all sales stages;
  • conclude successful and promising contracts.

Keep in mind:

Precise location and scheduling will be announced later. Just stay updated with our website and/or official Facebook and VK pages.

We will be waiting for applicants until April 26, 2017.
Feel free to contact us: Vera Ivanova, HR manager at MobiDev, tel: (095)-387-93-60, e-mail:, skype: vera.ivanova.mobidev.

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