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Project Manager for Data Science / Харьков

We are extending our team and looking for a Project Manager for Data Science who will work with a dedicated team of Data Science Engineers. Our dedicated team called Labs works with the business needs of our current and potential clients, implements internal ideas regarding Data Science, and performs different experiments. We're looking for a person who would make our ideas tangible and manage processes in accordance with CRISP-DM, while working precisely with the team.

Required skills:

  • At least Upper-Intermediate English (both written and spoken);
  • Experience with Project Management;
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills;
  • Understanding of the basics of product requirements analysis;
  • Good understanding of the Data Science specifics;
  • Ability to maintain a high level of organization and attention to detail.

We would also appreciate the following skills:

  • Understanding of CRISP-DM and its stages;
  • Experience with pre-sales.

Key responsibilities:

  • Elaborate processes based on CRISP-DM;
  • Implement our existing ideas (business cases) based on DS (form tasks and implement them);
  • Work with technology cases from our existing and potential clients (gathering and documenting);
  • Interact with our internal projects team in terms of Data Science;
  • Maintain up-to-date project documentation (document requirements, analyze and improve them, manage tasks via Jira);
  • Interact with clients (form project goals and objectives; clarify requirements and solve problems; plan project progress; deliver the outcome; conduct reporting);
  • Interact with project teams in cases when Data Science-based functionality is required.


  • Close collaboration with an experienced Data Science Team headed directly by our CEO;
  • Opportunity to be involved in all Project Management educational events;
  • Long-term cooperations with employees and clients;
  • Open-minded management that welcomes initiatives and ideas;
  • Challenging goals and rewarding steps to make your career successful;
  • Income that grows along with your achievements;
  • Flexible schedule;
  • Compensation of both internal and external English language training;
  • Compensation of certifications, conferences, and training courses;
  • Paid vacation and sick leaves;
  • Sports programs, medical insurance;
  • Our Accountants will take care of the taxes;
  • Legal support.

From Team Leader to you

Data Science presents its own sets of unique challenges. It is multidisciplinary, new, and iterative; the workflow is confusing, results are often hard to interpret and explain, the jargon is plentiful, and the math is tricky for those not familiar with it. How are you going to handle it?