Ruby on Rails Developer / Харьков / Николаев

Guys in MobiDev Ruby Team use the latest technologies, solve non-standard problems, experiment and find the most efficient solutions. If you are also interested in alternative approaches to development, we are glad to invite you to join our Kharkiv team.

Main requirements:

  • Experience with Ruby in commercial projects;
  • Intermediate English skills;
  • Raw SQL, Git, Linux, HTML 5, CSS, strong jQuery, basic JS/ES6;
  • Hanami framework, Trailblazer, DevOps (Capistrano, Bash scripts, Ansible, VPS);
  • Docker or Vagrant would be a great addition to your skills.

MobiDev onboard people to the company, not just for one contract. The majority of projects are client-server solutions. Our teams work together with QA engineers, designers, managers and product owners. There are always skilled experts to consult with and someone who would ask you for an advice. We create business products, which require modern approaches and efficient solutions.

You will have:

  • Open-minded management and modern processes;
  • Career opportunities and salary that grow along with your achievements;
  • Convenient work schedule and friendly atmosphere in the office;
  • Social package with medical insurance;
  • Foreign languages training and sports programs.

From Team Leader to you


В рамках Web-направления мы сформировали команду Ruby. Пожалуй, ключевое для нас - это увлеченность качеством, технологиями и развитием. Для нас важно не просто уметь сделать, но и понимать как и почему оно работает. Например, что такое Middleware и зачем это в RoR? Как работает магия метапрограммирования в Rails? И чем, всё-таки, отличается RVM от rbenv?