Data Scientist / Харьков

Modern businesses — ranging from emerging companies to large enterprises — express interest in application of Data Science. MobiDev covers this direction and invites a talented expert. Our guys are involved in projects connected with: time series (forecasting, classification), recommendation systems, NLP, resource optimization and computer vision. It doesn't really matter who you are: a gorgeous mathematician, an analyst or a programmer. Yet if you know how to work with large volumes of data, structure, analyze and synthesize it, you can be the one to develop this direction. So if you are ready to face tasks that will unlock your potential, we'll be glad to invite you to our friendly team and provide you with everything you need to grow professionally and achieve new goals.

Required skills:

  • Commercial experience with Machine Learning/Data Science;
  • Ability to perform exploratory data analysis;
  • Familiarity with Pandas, Sklearn and statsmodels;
  • At least Intermediate English.

It would be great if you had:

  • Familiarity with Keras and TensorFlow.
  • PyTorch;
  • AWS or other cloud platform;
  • Experience with NLP.


  • Business and Data understanding;
  • Modeling;
  • Evaluation.

Areas of current projects:

  • Time series (forecasting, classification);
  • Recommendation systems;
  • Resource Optimization;
  • Computer Vision.

The benefits you will get:

  • Ability to influence processes and best practices;
  • Opportunity of expanding your technical background;
  • Long-term cooperation with employees and clients;
  • Income that grows along with your achievements;
  • Compensation of both internal and external English language training;
  • Flexible schedule;
  • Paid vacation and sick leaves;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Our Accountants will care about the taxes;
  • Legal support.

Despite the fact we are still working from home, you will have the possibility to concentrate on your responsibilities as long as experts from other departments can help you with different issues. On the first day, you will be welcomed by the Dedicated HR Manager, who will assist you in the future with the onboarding. System Administrators prepare all the necessary devices and install the software.

Please send your CV to jobs@mobidev.biz